5 Things We Can Learn About Setting Up a Kitchen From This Diagram

Functionality is top priority and viewing the space in terms of work zones is a great place to start.

Image credits: Winning Appliances & The Kitchn

Image credits: Winning Appliances & The Kitchn

We thought this article by The Kitchn was particularly helpful to those who are considering remodeling their kitchen.

Designing a kitchen incorporates so many factors: the size of the space, traffic flow, window placements, style, and of course budget to name only a few. It is all part of a process that can feel overwhelming, so start out with ideas like those in this article then expand from there.

Remember we are here to help one step at a time.

The Kitchn recommends dividing your kitchen into five zones, as seen in the above diagram. You can apply these tips to your kitchen, no matter its size or shape.

Divide your kitchen into five zones.

The basic work zones to think about in your kitchen are as follows:

  1. Consumables zone: the area used to store most of your food. This may actually be split into two zones, one for your refrigerator (fresh food) and one for your pantry or food cabinets (dry goods, oils, etc).
  2. Non-Consumables zone: the area used to store everyday dishes, including plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware.
  3. Cleaning zone: the area that contains the sink and dishwasher (if you have one).
  4. Preparation zone: the area where most of your kitchen prep happens. This may be a stretch of countertop, or a kitchen island.
  5. Cooking zone: the area that contains the stovetop, oven, or range, and possibly the microwave.

Via The Kitchn

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