How does the initial process of getting a quote work?

Once you contact our office we will set up a time for Bob and our designer to come to your home and meet with you. At that initial appointment we will discuss your plans and review your many options. You will receive our proposal within 2 weeks. Our proposals are very detailed. We are extremely proud of our commitment to educating our clients on the importance of a well written job scope.

How far does your schedule book out?

This is a common question. Once we have agreed on the details of the project and a contract is signed, your job is placed on our schedule. We do everything in our power to accommodate your expectations regarding the project start date. Often that date is dependent on material leads times such as cabinets, windows and custom fixtures. It is important that we have all the material ordered and accounted for so we never have to stop work and wait for material to arrive.

What would a typical payment schedule look like?

We believe in a fair payment schedule that has both parties interest in mind. Typically there is a down payment to hold your spot on our schedule, and then the total cost of the project will be broken down into payments that will coincide with the work that is accomplished. This way you are never paying for work that has not yet been completed. We understand the value of keeping your money in your pocket as long as you can.

Will I see Bob on the job site?

Typically Bob will be on the jobsite most days. We believe our success in the trades is partly due to the fact that Bob stays closely involved in each aspect of your project. Building a strong foundation for your home is as important as building a strong foundation with our customers. We achieve that by keeping lines of communication open throughout the project.

How will my family life be affected during the project?

Our strength is working in your home while you live in it and providing an exceptional remodeling experience along the way. It can be difficult for a large family to give up their kitchen or the only bath during a remodel. We understand our clients’ needs and strategize to keep them safe, comfortable and functioning during the process. Building temporary walls to control dirt, closing off vents, keeping work areas clean and organized, protecting floors and personal items are some examples of what we will do to ensure your family can continue as normal a routine as is possible.

What time will you start every day? How safe with my children be? What about my pets? Do I need to be home? How will you gain access to the house if I am at work?

These are all terrific questions and ones that would be answered in our Pre-Construction Meeting that will take place approximately two weeks prior to job commencement. Here’s a look at some of the topics that we will discuss during this meeting…

  • Any final concerns prior to job start
  • A general timeline of the work to be done, so you know what to expect
  • Safety plan for young children
  • Where will pets be during the remodel
  • Whether there is anything you would like to salvage during demolition?
  • Where our vehicles should be parked
  • Where the dumpster can be placed

The answers to these questions and many others are instrumental in providing you with an amazing remodeling experience. Great communication like this will put us all on the same page.