How will weather conditions affect the status of my home remodel?

With the change of seasons we often get asked how weather conditions will affect the progress of a project. Severe cold and rain may affect the schedule, but they are not unsurmountable challenges.

Wet weather typically causes more challenges to a home remodel then cold weather for a number of reasons. Rain initially causes a muddy mess to navigate through, slowing the movement of material and labor. If the weather is wet enough and the ground becomes saturated, the water table can rise causing problems with excavating basements. The rain over the past few days has challenged our most current home remodel on Canandaigua Lake. Having dug our foundation, large pumps were needed to remove the unexpected water that had filled the trenches. Today’s pumps are very efficient and that same day the we were able to continue with the foundation work.

Cold weather causes challenges of its own. Severe cold bogs down the construction schedule by freezing the ground making it difficult to dig. Extreme cold can also affect the pouring of concrete and laying of block. The winter months in Rochester NY can be challenging, but we have learned to work around these circumstances by ensuring this type of work is completed prior to these months.

Weather conditions can affect the beginning stages of any construction project, but once the framing is complete and the roof is on, the effects diminish greatly. With over 30 years of experience as builders and remodelers in Rochester, NY we have an appreciation of how to navigate around our ever changing weather conditions. For more information on how weather can affect your home building or remodeling project, give us a call at 585-229-5347.

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